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Keep Alive

NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
NCache can be used both InProc and OutProc. If you want to use NCache InProc in your Web Application you have to keep it in the application scope. In ASP.NET the application times out if no session is maintained on it during the period of timeout. To make it sure that application never times out, we have to create a temporary session at least once before the timeout so that timeout never occurs. Keep Alive Application is used for this purpose.
You can specify any number of URLs and related intervals after which it will send an http request to the given URL to create a temporary session on the application.
You may add or remove any URL through Add or Remove button. Or you may go to the File menu option and select Add URL or Remove URL option for adding or removing a URL respectively. To remove the URL you must select the URL to be removed from the list of URLs before selecting the remove option.
On Add URL dialog you can type the URL in the text box and select or type an interval in the interval box. Click OK to add the URL or Cancel to cancel the operation.
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