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Log Analyzer

NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
'loganalyzer' tool helps you collect all the license logs from your cache servers and merge them in one place. It produces two reports i.e. 'user report.txt' and 'server report.txt'. 'user report.txt' is readable and for your information only. 'server report.txt' is for Alachisoft servers for license compliance verification.
This tool is required in environments where it can become a tedious process to activate NCache on each machine. In such environments, NCache is only activated on cache servers while the cache clients use these servers' licensing information to prove their identity. In such environments, loganalyzer must be run as and when required by Alachisoft.
The tool LogAnalyzer.exe is placed inside the tools folder along with LogAnalyzer.exe.config. LogAnalyzer.exe.config must be configured properly before running the tool.
LogAnalyzer is only required to be run on one of the cache server machines. However the configuration file must contain the names of all servers.
Following are the details regarding LogAnalyzer.exe.config.
<!-- Enter the email address used at the time of activation -->
<add key="email" value=""/>
<!-- Enter a comma seperated list of servers below -->
<add key="servers" value="sanfransisco, sanramon, sanjose"/>
<!-- Enter the path of the folder where processed log will be saved -->
<add key="output_folder" value="c:/reports"/>
Specify auto_upload as true if you want this tool to automatically send the log file to Alachisoft.
Otherwise you can email serverreport.txt in the 'output_folder' to
Note: It requires active internet connection and access to port 80
<add key="auto_upload" value="true"/>
  • email: This is the email which you use for official communication with Alachisoft sales/support. e.g.
  • servers: This is a comma separated list of cache servers that are licensed i.e. server1, server2, server3
  • output_folder: This is the folder where the reports are saved after merging.
  • auto_upload: Setting this to true will configure the tool to automatically send the 'server report.txt' file to Alachisoft.
Running the tool generates a couple of files in the output folder specified in the config file. The file 'user report.txt' is in readable form and is only for user information. However, the file 'server report.txt' is in encoded format and is readable only by Alachisoft servers. This file can automatically be uploaded to Alachisoft servers by configuring the 'auto_upload' attribute value equal to true. If you do not want it to be uploaded automatically or in case of an exception during auto upload, you can email it to
Note: Make sure that value of key NCacheServer.LicenseLogging in Alachisoft.NCache.Service.exe.config is set to true. Also restart the NCache service for changes to take affect.
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