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Using NCache Manager from multiple locations

NCache provides you the facility to manage clustered cache from remote locations using NCache Manager. On one hand where NCache brings flexibility and ease for administrators to manage clustered cache from multiple locations, it can some times lead to a situation where inconsistency arises among different machines, i.e.
  1. Inconsistent cache configuration on different cache servers participating in a clustered cache e.g. different "cache size" set by different administrators for a same clustered cache.
  2. Latest cache configuration overwritten by old one e.g. a "priority settings" changed by one server node can not be updated to others.
NCache helps you to avoid the above problem and provides you the ease to access a clustered cache from remote locations. Any modifications made from one server node must be reflected to all server nodes. To reflect the changes made from one node to all other nodes, you need to follow the steps given below:
  1. For any change in cache settings, administrator has to Apply Configuration in order to register that change on all server nodes.
  2. Other server nodes which are accessing the same Clustered Cache must "Refresh" the settings before performing any change in cluster settings.
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