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NCache Monitor for Cache Cluster

NCache Monitor is a diagnostic tool to analyze performance, health and events of a cache cluster both on a local machine and on remote machine. It provides valuable information to system administrators to optimize efficiency of a cache cluster. From this tool, administrators can monitor system events, view detailed information of all nodes in a cluster, monitor performance of a cluster, set alerts and import/export user credentials. Administrators can run the tool as a separate application and can monitor clusters from a computer which is not a part of the cluster or on which NCache service is not installed or running.
In This Section
Describes the over all NCache Monitor GUI overview.
Explains the server dashboard and various graphs that are available on server dashboard.
Explains the client dashboard and various graphs that are available on client dashboard.
Explains the how to create a new dashboard and different view and options available on a newly created dashboard.
Explains how to select a cluster in NCache Monitor for monitoring.
Explains option available in NCache Monitor.

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