Alachisoft NCache 4.1 - Online Documentation

Queries & LINQ

NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
NCache provides object querying support for both .NET and Java clients. This section explains the process of using queries in .NET. It also illustrates query syntax for simplifying the overall task.
In This Section
Explains procedure of querying objects in .NET environment.
Explains SQL like syntax that NCache API uses for querying objects.
Shows how to run the queries using LINQ.
See Also
Describes performing bulk operations to add, insert or remove collection of items in a single method call. It helps speeding up the process and minimizes cluster traffic.
Presents distributing related objects in 'logical' groups.
Shows how to keep expired items in a queue for immediate access. This expired data reloads from the datasource when updated.
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