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NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
Every Server node keeps security information that it has to provide to calling clients (Security Users). Alachisoft.NCache.Security.dll at server node is required to provide security services to all clients. Whatever information is required by this assembly, for managing security related issues, is present in security.ncconf file. You will be able to see this config file under "%Install directory%/NCache/config" . This file keeps the metadata for authentication and authorization for calling clients. This XML based file is loaded each time user verification is required for different operations. You can change this file at runtime and it would work for operations called after that change. For more information, see configuring security.
Privileges on managerial node operations can be granted to restricted users. For that, you need to specify User Name and Password while creating a new Cluster in NCache Manager. For details, see Security for Managerial Operations. Similarly, authorized user can perform cache operations through cache API. For details, see Security for API . Now the security parameters travel in the encrypted form.
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