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StressTestTool.exe allows you to quickly simulate heavy transactional load on a given cache. And, this helps you to see how NCache actually performs under stress in your own environment.
Please watch NCache performance counters in NCache Manager "statistics" or in regular PerfMon.
A test case represents a user session or multiple get and update operations on the same cache key. Use test case to simulate an ASP.NET or JSP sessions. When all test-case-iterations are used, a user session becomes idle and left to expire.
Each test-case-iteration consists of one or more gets and updates (ASP.NET session simulation would use 1 get and 1 update). And test-case-iteration-delay represents a delay between each iteration and can be used to simulate ASP.NET session behavior where a user clicks on a URL after 15-30 seconds delay.
For .Net setup: stresstesttool cache-id [option[...]]
For Java setup: java -cp "stresstesttool.jar:$CLASSPATH" mycache
Name of the cache.
/n item-count
How many total items you want to add. (default: infinite)
/i test-case-iterations
How many iterations within a test case (default: 20)
/d test-case-iteration-delay
How much delay (in seconds) between each test case iteration (default: 0)
/g gets-per-iteration
How many gets within one iteration of a test case (default: 1)
/u updates-per-iteration
How many updates within one iteration of a test case (default: 1)
/s item-size
Specify in bytes the size of each cache item (default: 1024)
/e sliding-expiration
Specify in seconds sliding expiration (default: 300; minimum: 15)
/t thread-count
How many client threads (default: 1; max: 3)
/r reporting-interval
Report after this many total iterations (default: 5000)
Suppresses the startup banner and copyright message.
Displays a detailed help screen.
The system where you use stresstesttool, must have NCache service installed and running. To start the service on a system, you must have access rights.
The following command tests 'myCache'.
stresstesttool myCache  /n 2 /i 20 /d 2 /g 2 /u 2 /s 512 /e 20 /t 1 /r 3000
The following command displays command syntax and options for the utility. Logo banner is displayed as a part.
stresstesttool /?
The following command displays command syntax and options for the utility suppressing the display of logo banner.
stresstesttool /? /nologo
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