The ClientCache type exposes the following members.


Public eventCacheCleared
Occurs after the Cache is cleared.
(Overrides Cache..::..CacheCleared.)
Public eventCacheStopped
Occurs after the cache has been stopped.
(Overrides Cache..::..CacheStopped.)
Public eventCustomEvent
Occurs in response to a RaiseCustomEvent(Object, Object) method call.
(Overrides Cache..::..CustomEvent.)
Public eventItemAdded
Occurs after an item has been added to the Cache.
(Overrides Cache..::..ItemAdded.)
Public eventItemRemoved
Occurs after an has been removed from the Cache.
(Overrides Cache..::..ItemRemoved.)
Public eventItemUpdated
Occurs after an item has been updated in the Cache.
(Overrides Cache..::..ItemUpdated.)
Public eventMemberJoined
Occurs after a new node has joined the cluster.
(Overrides Cache..::..MemberJoined.)
Public eventMemberLeft
Occurs after a node has left the cluster.
(Overrides Cache..::..MemberLeft.)

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