Specifies the startup mode (also known as isolation level) of Cache.

Namespace: Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Caching
Assembly: Alachisoft.NCache.Web (in Alachisoft.NCache.Web.dll) Version: (


public enum CacheMode
Visual Basic
<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Enumeration CacheMode
Visual C++
public enum class CacheMode


Member nameValueDescription
Default0 Use the startup mode specified in the configuration.
InProc1 Start the cache inproc, i.e., with a low isolation level.
OutProc2 Start the cache outproc, i.e., with a high isolation level.


This enumeration allows you to control the the startup mode of Cache programmatically. The startup mode OutProc corresponds to a High isolation level implying that the Cache runs in NCache service's process. Similarly InProc implies that Cache is inproc to the applications. InProc is equal to specfying no mode at all, and in that case the mode specified in cache configuration is used.

An isolated cache can be shared between applications on the same node. Morever an isolated cache's lifetime is explicitly controlled by using NCache Manager application.

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