Registers the CacheItemUpdatedCallback and/or CacheItemRemovedCallback for the list of specified keys.

Namespace: Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Caching
Assembly: Alachisoft.NCache.Web (in Alachisoft.NCache.Web.dll) Version: (


public override void RegisterKeyNotificationCallback(
	string[] keys,
	CacheItemUpdatedCallback updateCallback,
	CacheItemRemovedCallback removeCallback
Visual Basic
Public Overrides Sub RegisterKeyNotificationCallback ( _
	keys As String(), _
	updateCallback As CacheItemUpdatedCallback, _
	removeCallback As CacheItemRemovedCallback _
Visual C++
virtual void RegisterKeyNotificationCallback(
	array<String^>^ keys, 
	CacheItemUpdatedCallback^ updateCallback, 
	CacheItemRemovedCallback^ removeCallback
) override


Type: array<System..::..String>[]()[][]
The list of the cache keys used to reference the cache items.
Type: Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Caching..::..CacheItemUpdatedCallback
The CacheItemUpdatedCallback that is invoked if the item with the specified key is updated in the cache.
Type: Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Caching..::..CacheItemRemovedCallback
The CacheItemRemovedCallback is invoked when the item with the specified key is removed from the cache.


CacheItemUpdatedCallback and/or CacheItemRemovedCallback provided this way are very useful because a client application can show interest in any item already present in the cache. As soon as the item is updated or removed from the cache, the client application is notified and actions can be taken accordingly.

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