Retrieves the specified item from the Cache object. If the object is read through the data source, put it in the cache. It accepts the CacheItemVersion by reference. If null is passed for CacheItemVersion, then the version of the object from the cache is returned. If non-null CacheItemVersion is passed, then object is returned from the cache only if that is the current version of the object in the cache.

Namespace: Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Caching
Assembly: Alachisoft.NCache.Web (in Alachisoft.NCache.Web.dll) Version: (


public virtual Object Get(
	string key,
	string providerName,
	DSReadOption dsReadOption,
	ref CacheItemVersion version
Visual Basic
Public Overridable Function Get ( _
	key As String, _
	providerName As String, _
	dsReadOption As DSReadOption, _
	ByRef version As CacheItemVersion _
) As Object
Visual C++
virtual Object^ Get(
	String^ key, 
	String^ providerName, 
	DSReadOption dsReadOption, 
	CacheItemVersion^% version


Type: System..::..String
The identifier for the cache item to retrieve.
Type: System..::..String
A specific name for the data source
Type: Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Caching..::..DSReadOption
Options regarding reading from data source.
Type: Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Caching..::..CacheItemVersion%
The version of the object.

Return Value

The retrieved cache item, or a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic) if the key is not found.

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