Defines a callback method for notifying application when an item or items are updated in data source.

Namespace: Alachisoft.NCache.Web.Caching
Assembly: Alachisoft.NCache.Web (in Alachisoft.NCache.Web.dll) Version: (


public delegate void DataSourceItemsUpdatedCallback(
	IDictionary result
Visual Basic
Public Delegate Sub DataSourceItemsUpdatedCallback ( _
	result As IDictionary _
Visual C++
public delegate void DataSourceItemsUpdatedCallback(
	IDictionary^ result


Type: System.Collections..::..IDictionary
Dictionary of key or keys along with there result. The result can be Success or in case of failuer, an exception that is thrown during operation


When doing a write behind update operation on data source, this callback can be used to determine the result of the operation.

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