The ProviderCacheItem type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAbsoluteExpiration
Gets/Sets absolute expiration.
Public propertyDependency
Gets/Sets the CacheDepedency.
Public propertyGroup
Gets/Sets the group of cache item.
Public propertyIsJavaReadThrough
Gets/Sets ReadThruough if ReadThru is a type of Java
Public propertyItemPriority
Gets/Sets the priority of item.
Public propertyNamedTags
Gets/Sets the Tags for the cache item.
Public propertyResyncItemOnExpiration
Gets/Sets the flag which indicates whether item should be reloaded on expiration if ReadThru provider is specified.
Public propertyResyncProviderName
Gets/Sets Provider name for re-synchronization of cache
Public propertySlidingExpiration
Gets/Sets the sliding expiration.
Public propertySubGroup
Gets/Sets the sub group of cache item.
Public propertyTags
Gets/Sets the Tags for the cache item.
Public propertyValue
Gets/Sets the value of CacheItem.

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