The CacheInitParams type exposes the following members.


Public methodCacheInitParams
Initializes a new instance of the CacheInitParams class


Public methodClone
Creates Clone for deep copy of the initParam
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Allows an Object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before the Object is reclaimed by garbage collection.
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Public propertyBindIP
Gets/Sets the IP for the client to be binded with
Public propertyClientCacheSyncMode
Gets/Sets Enumeration to specify how the Client cache is synchronized with the cluster caches through events.
Public propertyClientRequestTimeOut
Clients operation timeout specified in seconds. Clients wait for the response from the server for this time. If the response is not received within this time, the operation is not successful. Based on the network conditions, OperationTimeout value can be adjusted. The default value is 90 seconds.
Public propertyConnectionRetries
Number of tries to re-establish a broken connection between client and server.
Public propertyConnectionTimeout
Client's connection timeout specified in seconds.
Public propertyDefaultReadThruProvider
Gets/Sets ID of DefaultReadThruProvider
Public propertyDefaultWriteThruProvider
Gets/Sets ID of DefaultWriteThruProvider
Public propertyLoadBalance
When this flag is set, client tries to connect to the optimum server in terms of number of connected clients. This way almost equal number of clients are connected to every node in the clustered cache and no single node is overburdened.
Public propertyMode
Gets/Sets the cache mode (inproc/outproc)
Public propertyPort Obsolete.
Gets/Sets the port on which the clients will connect to a server.
Public propertyPrimaryUserCredentials
Gets/Sets the user-id and password for the primary cache user. This information is required when the security is enabled. If primary user's authentication fails, SecondaryUserCredentials are tried.
Public propertyRetryConnectionDelay
The time after which client will try to reconnect to the server.
Public propertyRetryInterval
Time in seconds to wait between two connection retries.
Public propertySecondaryUserCredentials
Gets/Sets the user-id and password for the secondary cache user. This information is required when the security is enabled.
Public propertyServer Obsolete.
Gets/Sets the server clients will connect to.
Public propertyServerList
Gets/Sets List of servers provided by the user

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