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GraceFul Node Down

NOTE: This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
NCache 4.3 introduces a new feature Graceful Node Down, graceful stop process does the following:
  • Interrupt cache loader process and notify next coordinator node to restart it.
  • Complete asynchronous and synchronous replication of cache data.
  • Replicate the bridge queue on the next coordinator/coordinator node.
  • Wait for completion of Write-behind, bridge, asynchronous operation queues and status replication.
  • Wait for completion every operation that is initiated on the cache node before shut down process.
Note: By Default graceful node down process takes 180 second to complete.
Following are the tags that should be set in service configuration file for graceful node down
  • NCacheServer.GracefullShutdownTimeout : Total timeout of graceful shutdown. Default is 180 seconds.
  • NCacheServer.BlockingActivityTimeout : Wait for activity completion before graceful shutdown tasks will start. ¬†Default is 3 seconds.
<add key="NCacheServer.GracefullShutdownTimeout" value="180"/>
<add key="NCacheServer.BlockingActivityTimeout" value="3"/>
NCManager and command line tool have two options for node down:
  • Stop (gracefully stop this node).
  • Force Stop.
To graceful node down, right click on the Node in the 'NCache Management' tree and select 'Graceful stop' from the context menu.
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