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What's New in NCache 4.3?

NCache 4.3 brings many new features and enhances graphical user interface to the next level. Here is a brief overview of what's new in NCache 4.3:
Develop multiple Read-Through/Write-Through providers and register it with NCache. You can use a specific provider from each of your Java application. You are also facilitated to use NCache Manager to deploy your Read-Through/Write-Through handlers even at runtime. Your assemblies are automatically copied to all the cache servers.
With Data Sharing you can share cache content among NCache .NET and NCache Java editions. This sharing can be achieved through binary compact serialization. To use this feature user must have both NCache .NET and NCache Java editions installed.
Using Class Versioning you can share class data among various versions of a class with in a same platform. Here mapping of attributes is done at run time.
Use a faster and more compact serialization than regular Java serialization and without writing any custom code for it. NCache generated serialization code at runtime and even lets you serialize objects that are otherwise not serializable.
NCache can associate a dictionary of named tags with cache items. Items can be objects or text data. Named Tags helps in indexing the data on the basis of tags and you can query indexed data using tags.
Using Cache Startup option if the cache is specified to be a startup cache, it will get started automatically on service startup. No manual start is required for the cache.
NCache provides Continuous Query support for both .Net and Java clients. It notifies about the changes occur in query result set and therefore client applications need not to re-query the data for updates.
An enhanced bridge feature is introduced having support for multiple topologies. It performs an asynchronous replication of data from one on-site cache to one/multiple on-site/off-site disaster recovery cache(s) across the WAN.
Bridge Conflict Resolver resolves the conflict occur while replicating the data from bridge to cache.
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