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View State Caching and Java Script Minification

Following are the two steps that you need to follow in order to use content optimization feature of NCache:
Step 1: Update/Configure app browser file:
  • Create an App browser file in your application. It will be created under the directory of App_browsers.
  • Plug page adapters in the app browser file as following:
    <browser refID ="Default">
    <adapter controlType = "System.Web.UI.Page" adapterType = "Alachisoft.NCache.Adapters.PageAdapter"/>
    Here page adapter is plugged at page level. You can also plug it at any control level for which you want to cache the view state.
Step 2: Update/Configure web.config file:
  • You need to add the following assembly reference in compilation section of web.config file.
    <compilation defaultLanguage = "c#" debug = "true" targetFramework = "4.0">
    <add assembly = "Alachisoft.NCache.Adapters, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cff5926ed6a53769"/>
  • You need to register a web config section which contains the settings/properties in web.config file.
    <sectionGroup name = "ncContentOptimization">
    <section name = "settings" type = "Alachisoft.NCache.ContentOptimization.Configurations.ContentSettings" allowLocation = "true" allowDefinition = "Everywhere"/>
  • Add the actual setting/configuration section as follows:
    <settings enableMinification = "true" enableViewstateCaching = "true"
    groupedViewStateWithSessions = "true" viewstateThreshold = "0" enableTrace = "true">
    <cacheSettings cacheName = "mycache" maxViewStatesPerSession = "10" >
    <expiration type="Sliding" duration = "300"/>
  • enableMinification: Enable/disable the Java script minification.
  • enableViewstateCaching: Enable/disable the ViewState caching.
Register the http handler in the HttpHandlers section of web.config as following:
<add verb = "GET,HEAD" path = "NCResource.axd" validate = "false" type = "Alachisoft.NCache.Adapters.ContentOptimization.ResourceHandler, Alachisoft.NCache.Adapters, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=cff5926ed6a53769"/>
Through querystring parameter "rpo=off", user can quickly turn off CSS and JS minification without modifying web.config. This facility is provided to the users to analyze the page load time with and without content optimization.
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