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Activate NCache Purchased License

This PowerShell script lets you activate NCache license on remote machines. It makes your administrative tasks easy when you have many servers to activate because you do not have to manually activate the license on each server.
You should have internet access on all the machines where you want to activate NCache through the PowerShell script. Internally, this script uses command line tool NActivate.exe of NCache. You must have to provide valid admin user ID and password that has the permissions to execute commands on remote machine.
You should find the UninstallNCache .ps1 script at the NCache installation path in the integration folder:
%INSTALLPATH%/NCache/Integration/PowerShell/ ActivateNCache.ps1
PS C:/Users>./ ActivateNCache.ps1 /k  key /f  first-name /l  last-name /email  email-address /uid server-username /pwd server-password [ options[...] ].
/k key
Allows users to specify a valid license key .
/f first-name
Allows users to specify first name.
/l last-name
Allows users to specify last name .
/email email-address
Allows users to specify email address.
Specify a valid user name that has permissions to execute the command on remote machine.
Specify a valid password.
/servers server-names
Allows the user to specify a comma separated list of names or IPs of the machines on which NCache is to be activated.
/a address
Allows users to specify the company's address
/city city-name
Allows users to specify the edition of NCache. Default is "0".
/s state
Allows users to specify state name
/c country-name
Allows users to specify the country name.
/p phone-number
Allows users to specify the company's phone number.
/z zip-code
Allows users to specify the zip code
Displays command syntax and options for the utility.
In the following examples we will activate NCache License key on three machines Test1, Test2, and Test3 using the PowerShell script ActivateNCache.ps1. It is assumed that NCache is installed on the default path “C:/program files”.
Example of Activating NCache License Remotely
PS C:/Program Files/ncache/integration/PowerShell>./ ActivateNCache.ps1 /k xxxxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxxxx /f Paul /l Jones /email /servers Test1, Test2, Test3 /uid Administrator /pwd 123pwd
This will activate NCache on three machines Test1, Test2 and Test3. Please replace the server “Test1, Test2, Test3” with your own server names.
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