NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

Client Backward Compatibility

In context of computing products, new updates and releases are launched very frequently. In these newer versions, it is desirable that it is able to work with older version, it can work with the input generated by an older version.
Here NCache provides backward compatibility for its older clients. If the user upgrades his/her cache server for using new features of version or for some fixes of older version, older clients can communicate seamlessly with newer versions of cache server without re-deploying, upgrading the clients.
Protocol Buffers: For backward compatibility, NCache uses protocol buffers. With these protocols it keeps its structured data in efficient yet extensible formats. Thus by using these protocols, backward client compatibility is ensured and cache clients can communicate with both the upgraded and older version of cache server. In new versions of cache servers, new features are added, existing are updated without breaking the compatibility of older clients.
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