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Client Config

Client configuration file is used by NCache client API to get initial information for establishing connection with server. It is located at "%Install Directory%/NCache/config". Modules that need to read the configurations, first try to find client.ncconf in application folder. If client.ncconf is not found in application folder, it then reads the configuration from installation folder.
Client configuration file is used by client to connect to OutProc caches. Light weight client also uses this configuration file to connect to the remote caches. This file is automatically generated each time a new cache/cluster is created or cache/cluster configuration settings are applied. Additionally security information can be provided for each cache in this file.
Client configuration file is explained below:
  <ncache-server port="9800" command-retries="3" command-retry-interval="0.1" client-request-timeout="90" connection-retries="5" retry-connection-delay="0" retry-interval="1" connection-timeout="5" />
  <cache id ="myreplicatedcache" client-cache-id="" client-cache-syncmode="optimistic" load-balance="true">
      <server name="server-1"/>
  <cache id ="mypartitionedcache" client-cache-id="" client-cache-syncmode="optimistic"load-balance="true">
      <server name="server-2"/>
Client-request-timeout is the period for which client API waits for a response for a command from the server. After this period is elapsed an "OperationFailedException" is thrown. By default it is 90 seconds and minimum value could be 60 seconds. Time span specified less than minimum value will automatically be reset to minimum value i.e. 60 seconds.
connection-retries are the number of retries the client makes on the whole list of servers mentioned in the client.ncconf at the time of connection establishment. It is the same for connection break scenario.
If connection with cache server is dropped then client tries to reconnect with the server and retry connection delay flag introduces the delay between each retry. Flag is specified in seconds.
connection-timeout is the period threads wait before throwing OperationFailedException during connection-break, while one thread tries to establish connection with cache server. If the connection is successfully established then, all threads will complete their respective operations. Otherwise, they will throw OperationFailedException.
retry-connection-delay is the time when client API waits before going through another iteration of connection-retries. Delay is specified in seconds.
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