NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

Configuring Data Format

By default, NCache uses the Binary Format. However, in case of Local cache and Client cache, if it is InProc it will take Object format as default, and if OutProc, it will take Binary format as default. You can configure the format for OutProc cache according to your requirements.
Using NCache Manager
You can configure the data format through the Manager in two ways:
1.     During cache creation:
2.     Through the Main tab:
  • Click a cache in Cache Explorer to open cache settings.
  • Go to the Main tab.
  • Change the cache Data Format as per your requirement.
  • To de-serialize data in the cache, class assemblies must be deployed on the server (in case of Object format). Click on the Deploy Task Libraries button at the bottom left of the MapReduce tab. Browse for the required assemblies, select them and then click Open.
  • Right click on the cache name in Cache Explorer and select Apply Configuration option.
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