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Configuring Heart Beat

Communication between Cluster nodes is critical for smooth cluster operations. Therefore, NCache provides an option called Heart Beat for the clusters to detect connection breakage with any node of the cluster. Connection breakage may occur due to an unplugged network cable or disabling of a network connection. When this option is enabled, a node of a cluster sends some dummy packets to other nodes and waits for acknowledgment. Therefore, if live nodes do not receive acknowledgments from any idle node after specific duration, they will consider it dead and will update their views by excluding it from the cluster. There will be no overhead of heart beat messages when all nodes are active and sending messages to each other. You can enable/disable heart beat through following methods.
Using NCache Manager
  • You can enable or disable heartbeat option from Cluster Settings Tab of Cluster view window.
Through config.ncconf
You can enable heart beat option through configuration file, config.ncconf. Heart beat interval can also be specified inside service's config file as follows
        <add key="NCacheServer.HeartbeatInterval" value="30"/>
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