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Configuring Security

 This feature is not available in NCache Express and Professional edition.
Every Server node keeps security information that it has to provide to calling clients. Alachisoft.NCache.NCSecurity.dll at server node is required to provide security services to all clients. Whatever information is required by this assembly, for managing security related issues, is present in security.ncconf file. security.ncconf file helps enabling NCache security as well as to manage Node and API level security. You will find security.ncconf file at "%InstallDirectory%/NCache/config".
security.ncconf file is as shown below:
<!-- Security Configuration file for NCache 3.8 and later versions -->
     <enabled>false</enabled> <!-- Change the value true/false to enable or disable security feature in NCache -->
<!-- LDAP path is required to log-on to domain.  For more information see -->
     <!-- Following users are Administrators and are allowed to add 'this' node into their clusters and also allowed to perform management operations like 'Start Cache', 'Stop Cache', 'Remove Cache' etc-->
  • <enabled> tells users if security is enabled or not (true/false)
  • <ldap> specifies ldap path for active directory server provider. It is the domain controller. NCache uses Microsoft Active Directory Service for authentication of user. User should exist under given domain in LDAP. For more information, see LDAP ADsPath
  • <ncache-administrators> keeps list of users having rights on all node-based and API-based operations.
In This Section
Explains how to configure security for cache managerial tasks.
Explains how to configure the security for cache.
Describes how to enable and configure encryption for cache.