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Configuring Isolation Levels

If you are running NCache in a clustered configuration, you must ensure this on all machines in the cluster. By default, all caches are OutProc but isolation level can be changed for caches of local topology. It can be done in the following way:
Using NCache Manager
  • Click a cache in Cache Explorer to open cache settings.
  • Go to the Main tab.
  • Change the cache Isolation Level as per your requirement.
  • Right click on the cache name in Cache Explorer and select the Apply Configuration option.
Through Config.ncconf
In Config.ncconf , you can specify the attribute value of inproc as true (for InProc) or false (for OutProc):
<!-- myreplicatedcache will start in inproc mode -->
<cache-config name="myreplicatedcache" inproc="true" config-id="8" last-modified="7/31/2010 3:53:53 PM">
<!-- mypartitionedcache will start in outproc mode -->
<cache-config name="mypartitionedcache" inproc="false" config-id="1" last-modified="6/20/2010 3:50:34 PM">
InProc mode is only available for Replicated and Local cache.
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