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Configuring Conflict Resolver

There are situations when a bridge tries to replicate an operation for a key that already exists in the cache. Conflict Resolver is introduced to resolve the conflict between existing operations and operation replicated from bridge to the cache. It decides which key to apply on the cache depending upon defined rules. By default the decision will be made on Time Based rule, which keeps the latest key on a cache. Users can also define their own rules for Conflict Resolver. Its settings can be configured as follows:
Using NCache Manager
  • Click on the cache name in Cache Explorer to open cache settings.
  • Go to the Conflict Resolver tab.
  • Check Enable Conflict Resolver check box to enable it. Others options will become active after that.
  • Click on the ‘…’ button and select the assembly in which you have implemented the IBridgeConflictResolver interface.
  • Name of selected assembly will be appeared in Assembly Name textbox.
  • All of its classes which have implemented the IBridgeConflictResolver interface will be listed down in Class Name list box.
  • Select the required Class Name.
  • Click New to provide any additional parameters, if required.
  • New Parameter dialog appears; provide the Parameter Name and Parameter Value.
This step is optional, it is performed when there are additional configuration parameters in implementation of IBridgeConflictResolver.
  • Click the Deploy Conflict Resolver button, select your assembly in which you have implemented IBridgeConflictResolver interface and click on the  button in Open dialog.
  • Apply configuration using right clicking on the cache name in Cache Explorer and selecting Apply Configuration option.
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