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Connection Retries

Nodes participating in a cluster are connected with each other through TCP connections which may break up due to network failure. In that case, a client node tries to reestablish the connection. It goes through all the servers in the list once and if none is available, then it sleeps for Retry Interval seconds and then scans the list again. This is done Connection Retries times. In other words, the value of Connection Retries specifies how many times the node should try to restore the connection. You can specify the value through one of the following ways:
Using NCache Manager
  • Click on the cache name in Cache Explorer to open cache settings.
  • Go to the Cluster Settings tab.
  • Set the Connection Retries as per your requirement.
  • Right click the cache in Cache Explorer and select Apply Configuration option.
Through config.ncconf
Connection retries can also be configured in config.ncconf file as follows.
     <ncache-server port="9800" connection-retries="60" retry-interval="1"/>
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