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Error Logging

When running a cache, error messages can be helpful. These messages can be saved to a log file if required. NCache Manager can be used to enable logging. You will find this option on Options Tab of Cluster/Local Cache view window. Each time user enables error logging a new trace file is created in the "log-files" folder under NCache installation directory with current time stamp.
Enabling error logging generates fatal and normal logs, while enabling detailed error logging generates log file containing info, debug and warning logs. By default, logging is disabled. Enabling "Detail error logging" generates logs very frequently, which may affect the performance of cache/cluster. In case of an error, it is reported in the application's event log in system.
Enable logs for Java Client
Logging in the NCache Java client can be controlled by setting enableNCLogs property before initializing the cache. This is how you can enable error logging for Java Client.
     System.setProperty("enableNCLogs", Level.INFO.toString());
Log file is generated in the application home directory. The above property will enable logging of all INFO messages. It will also enable logging of SEVERE and WARNING messages.
The Level class (Java.util.logging) defines a set of standard logging levels that can be used to control logging output. The logging Level objects are ordered and are specified by ordered integers. Enabling logging at a given level also enables logging at all higher levels. Clients should use the predefined Level constants such as Level.SEVERE. The levels in descending order are as follows:
  • SEVERE (highest value)
  • INFO
  • FINE
  • FINEST (lowest value)
In addition, there is a level OFF that can be used to turn off logging, and a level ALL that can be used to enable logging of all messages.
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