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Adding Data With File Dependency

Following code shows how to add data with File Dependency in NCache.
       To utilize the FileDependency API, include the following namespace in your application: Alachisoft.NCache.Runtime.Dependencies.
     Product product = new Product();
            product.ProductID = 1001;
            product.ProductName = "Chai";
            string key = "Product:" + product.ProductID;
            string filepath = "C:\\tempProductList.txt";
                //Adding cache item "Product:1001" with FileDependency on file "tempProductList.txt"
                cache.Insert(key, product, new FileDependency(filepath), Cache.NoAbsoluteExpiration, Cache.NoSlidingExpiration,                               CacheItemPriority.Normal);
                //Change file C:\\tempProductList.txt while program waits...
                //... and then check for its existence
                Object item = cache.Get(key);
                if (item == null)
                    //item removed due to file dependency
                    //item not removed because the file may be missing or it didn't change during given interval
            catch (OperationFailedException e)
                // handle exception
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