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Group/sub-group is a hierarchical way of grouping cached items in NCache. Lets say you have a large amount of product information cached. These products range from products like beverages, grocery to electronics etc. Among these products, there are further divisions like in electronic section group; there can be sub groups of home appliances, computer system gadgets, photography gadgets etc.
A Group is a logical partition of data; this partition can have a sub division (sub group) or can be just a major division (group), it is a two level grouping. Groups do not overlap but sub groups can be the same in one or more groups.
Case Sensitive
Group and sub group identifiers are case sensitive.
Retrieve/Remove using Groups
Using groups, you can fetch or remove all items belonging to a group. You can also just fetch  the keys and then only fetch a subset of them. You can perform addition, update, removal, retrieval specifying group identifier and/or its sub group identifier. You can get group keys or you can get group data using GetGroupKeys and GetGroupData API respectively.
Multiple Sub-Groups
NCache supports multiple sub groups within one group. But cache operations cannot be performed only with the sub group identifier, as two different groups can have the same sub group identifier.
Group cannot be updated
Group identifiers cannot be updated. For its update, remove cache key and then insert with new group identifier.
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