NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

Licensing Model

Please note that the licensing model of NCache has been shifted to core based licensing instead of processor based licensing for Windows platform and Virtual Machines.
The minimum number of licenses required is 2, whether the machine has 1 core or 8. However after 8 cores, the number of licenses is incremented by every 4 cores added. For example, for 9-12 core machine, licenses required increments to 3. For 13-16 cores, 4 licenses are required and so on.
Number of cores detected
Number of licenses required
NCache allows unlimited licenses on a single machine, based on the core count.
However, in case you increase the number of your cores to a number where the requirement for an additional license becomes valid, you get a friendly warning (can be viewed through Event Viewer tool in Windows and through the verifylicense.exe tool) that you need to purchase a new license as your core count has exceeded its range limit.
Let’s suppose you were using NCache with 8 cores and increase the core number to 9. NCache will not stop working or interrupt your application, but it will be detected that a new license is required.
  • For this, you can request to reactivate your NCache License through the GUI NActivateWizard tool or Command Line Tool NActivate.exe.
Selecting this option will lead you through the same process as Activating the NCache Purchase License.