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Data Load Balancing

You can request to balance a node in a partitioned cluster without waiting for the automatic load balancing task to trigger it. This brings data load on the node near to average data per node while rest of the data is distributed across other nodes in the cluster. Candidate nodes for accepting the load are selected on the bases of the amount of data currently present on them. A node having less data gets a larger share from the load. This can be done either manually, or automatically:
Manual Load Balancing
  • From the Cache Explorer view, right click on the server node of a cache cluster.
  • Click on the Balance Data Load option in the right click context menu.
 Data will be evenly distributed across the nodes of the cluster.
Auto Load Balancing
  • Go to the Auto Load Balancing tab in NCache Manager.
  • Check the Enable Auto Load Balancing option and configure Threshold and Interval according to your requirements.
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