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Memcached Client Plug-in for .NET

NCache provides its Memcached Client Plug-in for popular .NET Memcached clients Eniym, BeIT Memcached and .NET Memcached client library so that NCache can be directly used for Memcached applications using these clients. NCache API calls equivalent to Memcached calls are internally implemented in these plug-ins and there is no code change or recompilation required on application side. These modified Memcached client libraries are provided along with their source code in NCache installation.
It is generally recommended to use plug-in approach instead of gateway because gateway induces an extra network/process hop whereas this Plug-In becomes part of the client application process and directly talks to the NCache cluster using NCache API so it should result in a better performance.
This diagram illustrates the NCache deployment with plug-in approach.
Figure 1. NCache Memcached Client Plug-in
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