NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation


Memcached is a simple in-memory key-value store providing basic features for caching. Memcached server communicates with memcached clients using defined text or binary protocol. Memcached servers are stand-alone servers with no clustering or distributed caching features to provide scalability.
NCache has implemented Memcached integration and the users can plug-in NCache to their existing or new Memcached applications without any code changes. The users only need to change their application config files to take advantage of NCache distributed caching system.
NCache provides support for Memcached in two different ways.
  • Memcached Gateway Approach
  • Memcached Client Plug-In for .NET
In This Section
Explains how to use NCache provided Memcached gateway server to use NCache without nay code change.
Explains how to use Memcached Client Plug-In for .NET provided by NCache.