NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

Monitoring Cache Client Counters Using PerfMon Tool

NCache publishes cache client counters in PerfMon under the category NCache Client. This category has all the counters related to the cache client. Follow these steps to monitor the NCache client side counters through PerfMon tool:
  • Press WINDOWS + R keys on your keyboard,
  • Click on the windows start menu, type PerfMon and press ENTER.
  •  PerfMon tool opens up. Click on the Performance Monitor under Monitoring Tools.
  • Click on the cross (X) button to remove the default counter which is already added in it. Then click on the plus (+) button to open the Add Counters dialog box.
  • Using the vertical slider of available counters list box, scroll upward to find NCache client category.
  • Click on the down arrow head icon to expand the NCache Client category. All of its counters are listed under it. Select the required counters from this list like this:
  • All of the current running caches for which clients are running appear inside of Instances of selected objects list box.
  • Select the required instance or simply click on the <All instances>, and click on the Add >> button. All of the selected counters for all the selected instances of caches appear in Added counters list box (exist on the right side).
  • Click OK. All of the selected counters will appear in PerfMon tool like this:
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