NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation

Monitoring Cache Client Counters Using Built-In Client Dashboard

NCache Monitor also provides built-in dashboard named as Client Dashboard. This dashboard has all required counters/graph in it for the clients’ performance monitoring. It can be viewed for monitoring as follows:
  • Click on the View menu of the NCache Monitor and click on the Client Dashboard menu option.
  • Client Dashboard appears and it consists of different client side graphs.
This built-in dashboard displays different client side counters. Few of the counters display the NCache client system resource usage info like NCache Client CPU, NCache Client Memory, NCache Client Network. This dashboard also shows the NCache client specific information like NCache Client Request Queue, NCache Client Read Operations/sec, NCache Client Write Operations. It also shows the ASP.NET session counters like ASP.NET Requests/sec, ASP.NET Pending Queue/sec, ASP.NET Total Sessions.
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