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Monitoring Cache Server Counters Using Built-In Dashboard

There are two major categories of performance counters; Server counters and Client counters. This section describes how to monitor server counters using built-in dashboard.
Launch NCache Monitor using NCache Manager
  • Right click on the clustered cache name under Clustered Cached tree node in Cache Explorer context menu.
  • Select Monitor Cluster option from the right click menu.
  • NCache monitor is opened. By default there are two dashboards already opened:
  • Server Dashboard
  • Report-View Dashboard.
Both default dashboards are non-editable. It means that no counter or graph can be added or removed from the default dashboards.
  • Select Monitor Cluster option from the right click menu.
Server Dashboard
It contains Cluster Health, Event Logs along with some mostly required cache counter graphs like, NCache CPU Graph, NCache Network Graph, Cache Size, NCache Request/sec Graph and NCache Memory Graph etc. Server Dashboard is generally a graphical view dashboard.
Report View Dashboard
This view shows counters in numeric form rather than graphs. It contains two portions, each for Server Report View and Client Report View. Both portions contain respective counters.
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