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You can associate one or more keywords with cache items in NCache. These keywords will act as an identifying mark for cache items. You can retrieve that data later on the basis of specified keywords through "Tags". But if you require a higher level of tagging where your tags can have types or names, and your requirement is to query data related to specific type of tag, then you need “Named Tags”. The “Named Tags" feature set is the enhancement of the "Tags" feature set.
Consider a scenario where user needs to store an object in textual form such as "XML", he will not be able to search that object using tags. The limitation of tags is that it can only have text values and only one attribute i.e. $Tag$. With named tags user will be able to store additional information (of any type) required to query the object stored as string.
Here users are required to provide the list of named tags, each having two parameters, "key" (name of a tag) as string and "value" (assigned value) as any primitive type. NCache then allows you to search your objects through these named tags.
If there are multiple applications that are sharing the same cache and all of them are supposed to add named tags, then make sure that the same named tags have homogenous data types, e.g., if one client is adding named tag "ProductID" with String data type, then all other clients should add values of "ProductID" in String format not in Integer or other for the same cache.
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