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Using NCache as NHibernate Second Level Cache

Second level cache can be configured by enabling the use of 2nd Level cache and configuring L2 cache provider in NHibernate configurations. Please refer to the following steps to use NCache as NHibernate's second level cache:
1.     Configure NHibernate application to use NCache as 2nd level cache
2.     Configure application objects as cacheable
3.     Configure cache regions in NCache configuration file
4.     Use query caching if needed
This section further elaborates the steps.
In this section:
Explains how to configure a NHibernate Application using NCache as second level cache.
Explains how to configure objects as cacheable so that they are cached per your need.
Explains how to configure cache regions so that NHibernate can store objects.
Explains how to cache queries in the L2 Cache so that they can be retrieved quickly when needed frequently.
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