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NCache Log Viewer

While log files are one of the essentials in any processing, their readability and organization is always overlooked, making the task of finding the problem more tedious than it should be. NCache Log Viewer is an interactive GUI tool dedicated completely to logging, as it categorizes your log entries into separate fields and lets you customize and search entries in a much more convenient manner. You can also view multiple log files for comparison.
The features provided by NCache Log Viewer to enhance your readability are as follows:
Open Files
  • Click on the button or type CTRL+O to open the files you want to import into NCache Log Viewer.
  • After selecting the log file, click Open.
  • The logs are imported into NCache Log Viewer, showing the following information:
The cache node on which the operations have taken place.
The timestamp of each log, in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS, MS
The process name.
Name of the component of which the information is logged.
Identification of thread.
Level shows the type of log, either it is INFO or ERROR
The detailed log information about success/failure of operations, nodes joining or leaving, services starting or stopping.
  • In order to view the Message of the log without scrolling, click on any log.
  • The message is displayed in the Message division at the bottom of the Log Viewer.
Export Log Entries
  • Click on the  button or type CTRL+S to export/save the file to any location.
  • After selecting the location, click Save.
Search Entries
  • To search for a certain term or option in the viewer, select the option from the Any Field drop down menu on the toolbar.
  • If you want to find the term in the whole log file and not specify the parameters, select Any Field.
  • In the text bar next to the Any Field drop down menu, enter the term you want to search. It displays suggestions containing that term in a drop down menu, easing your search process.
  • After entering the option, click on the button.
  • If you have selected an option from the drop down menu, press Enter or click on the button.
Split Logs based on Field
  • You can also view the logs by splitting the entries based on one or more unique field entries using the button next to each field name. For example, in the ThreadName field, there are 3 unique threads in the sample log:
  • Selecting one of the options will display the logs for that ThreadName only:
  • In order to clear the split log view, click on the  button. It will now be displaying the option of Clear.
  • If changes have been made to your cache or service, it is advisable to reload the log file to view the updated changes.
  • To reload the updated log file, click .
Clear All Logs
  • In order to clear the logs from the viewer, click on the  button. All logs will be cleared.
Toggle Bookmark on log entry
  • In case you want to bookmark a log entry for future reference, click on the entry.
  • The button becomes active.
  • Click on the active button to bookmark the entry.
  • It marks a bookmark icon next to the entry.
Bookmark Navigation
  • Once an entry has been bookmarked, the and buttons become active.
  • You can navigate from one bookmark to another using the Previous Bookmark and Next Bookmark button.
  • You can customize the Viewer according to your preference using the Settings  button available on the toolbar.
1.     Minimize to Tray
Next time you minimize the log viewer, it will be minimized in the tray. You can click on the tray icon to maximize the Log Viewer.
2.     Show multiple node files in colors
If you add multiple log files of different nodes, you can check this option to differentiate between the nodes and increase readability.
3.     Max log entries in live mode
You can customize the maximum number of entries to be shown in the viewer while it is running.
4.     Columns to View
You can customize the columns you want to view or remove from the viewer by checking/unchecking the options.
Some settings will take effect after NCache Log Viewer is restarted.
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