NCache 4.6 - Online Documentation


The "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError : com/alachisoft/ncache/licensing/LicenseManager" message occurs when the required jar files are not available at their appropriate location. NCache Client API for Java is shipped with the following jar files:
  • NCClient.jar: The Main NCache Client API file.
  • NCActivate.jar: The file is responsible for the Activation of NCache. The user may extend his/her evaluation period by running this file. This file can be run by executing the "activate.bat" file.
  • installer.jar: This file is only for Unix environment and is responsible for NCache client installation on Unix machines.
  • NCRuntime.jar: The file is responsible for Read-Through/Write-Through caching and Cache Startup operations.
  • NCSerialization.jar: This file is responsible for dynamic Compact Serialization and object sharing operations.
  • NCacheSessionProvider.jar: This file is responsible for providing JSP session caching support.
  • NCUtil.jar: This file contains the methods required by NCache Manager and Service.
  • swing-layout-1.0.4.jar: This file is providing Java library for GUI.
  • javassist.jar: This file is the 3rd party library responsible for runtime code generation.
Copy all three jar files at the same location and mention location in class-path.