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Nodes in a clustered cache are not joining

Some times it may be the case when you start a clustered cache, but nodes do not join with each other. It means that cluster is not formed and cache runs on each node as a standalone cache. You can use listcaches utility to confirm if the cluster is formed properly or not. When listcaches utility is used with '/a' switch, it lists all the nodes that have successfully joined the cluster. You can also use the NCache Manager "View Cluster Connectivity" GUI tool to check the node connectivity. "View Cluster Connectivity" option is available in a cluster properties and also located at NCache Manager tool bar.
To resolve this problem:
  • See that every node can be accessed from every other node participating in the clustered cache. For this you can use the 'ping' utility. If nodes are not accessible then there is some network problem and must be resolved before starting the cache.
  • Please see that the cache configuration on each node contains the correct initial hosts list. Every node participating in the clustered cache must be listed there.
  • If the initial hosts list is not correct then update the initial hosts list and restart NCache service on all nodes.
  • Restart the clustered cache.
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