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No READ Access to Perflib Subkeys

After the Performance Monitor (PerfMon) account connects to the Registry of the monitored computer, the account on the monitored computer needs READ access to the subkeys that PerfMon uses. The computer uses the ACL for the Perflib/LanguageID subkey to determine who has access to PerfMon data in the Registry, where LanguageID is the numeric code for the spoken language installed with Windows NT. The Perflib/LanguageID subkey is located in the following Registry path:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows NT /CurrentVersion/Perflib
By default, EVERYONE, LOCAL SERVICE group has READ access to the Perflib key. You need to give full control to these accounts on Perflib key.
Here is how you can enable permissions on CurrentVersion/Perflib key:
  • On the computer to be monitored, start regedit.
  • Right-click Perflib and go to Permissions.
  • Give full control to Local Service and Everyone users. You may have to add these users if they are not already in the list.
  • Go to Control Panel -> Services and restart 'Remote Registry' service.
Now you will be able to monitor this machine remotely.
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