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Performance Counters Logging

Using Report-View you can instantly monitor performance but you can also log these counters in a .CSV file. All the counter values which are currently in dashboard will be logged into a .CSV file after each second. You can start the performance counters logging instantly or you can schedule the logging on a specific time.
Manual Logging
Follow the below given steps to log the counters using NCache Monitor:
  • Go to the Report-View Dashboard (built-in Report-View dashboard or your created dashboard).
  • Click on the Start Logging button icon on the report view control. This starts the logging.
  • Log file can be found under %NCHOME%/log-files/NCacheMonitor.
  • You can stop the performance counter logging by clicking the Stop Logging icon in the Report-View Dashboard.
Schedule Logging
Rather than manually starting and stopping logging, you can also schedule logging. This way you can obtain logging data for a particular period of time.
Schedule logging only works if NCache Monitor is started during specified schedule time.
  • Click on the Schedule Logging icon in Report-View Dashboard.
  • Schedule Logging dialog box appears. Check the Log counters at the following schedule check box and configure the Start Time and Stop Time.
  • Click OK. Logging will start at the specified time automatically.
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