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A client application can request for an item from the cache which is not present at that time - instead, it is present in the master data source only. In such a case if Read-Through is enabled, the item will be transparently fetched from the data source and stored in the cache to fulfill future requests.
For Read-Through, IReadThruProvider interface needs to be implemented NCache framework uses this custom Read-Through provider to communicate with backend data source. In this case, custom logic needs to be implemented to load data from configured data source. NCache will call your provider to load data from data source behind Get call in case of cache miss.
 NCache provides a performance counter for Read-Through operations per sec.
In clustered caches, where multiple servers are involved, Read-Through provider will be active (initialized) on all cache server nodes but read through operation will be performed by the node which receive Get operation according to topology.
Do not make cache calls to the same cache for which Read-Through is configured. This can cause recursion and halt the normal working of cache.
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