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Cache Server Logging

Another feature provided by NCache is logging different states of clustered, client, bridge caches into different log files. These log files are created whenever cache starts and are locked until cache changes its status to stop or whenever the service stops. Log files encapsulate different level of information based on logging status.
NCache creates each log file for particular cache with different time span. This time initializes as cache starts and continues until cache status changes from running to stopped. NCache writes log file with default format that gives user a readable format. It also logs thread name whenever an operation is performed by any running thread. NCache presents different stages of logging. These logging level are configurable and are described as follows:
  • Info Level: Info level describes some useful information about any operation performed on cache, such as log starting and stopping state of state transfer operations. Info level is disabled by default. 
  • Error Level: This log flag gives the cause of errors that are raised during operation execution. This status log is useful in most of troubleshooting scenarios such as during start of cache exception which occurs for joining with its own replica. 
  • Critical Level: This flag logs the critical status of any action or operation on cache, such as “cache exceeds its memory limits”. This log information is useful to optimize cache performance and is the most high priority logs among all log-file information.       
  • Detail Debug Level: This flag is disabled by default but the user can configure it. This log option prints detailed information about any operations in cache such as information of each operation like key, cache items during state transfer. This log information is useful to analysis cache issues in details whenever normal debugging is not possible and drilling any hidden issue.  But this cause performance degradations for cache operations.
NCache also provides logging for client application and socket level by configurations options. These options are disable by defaults, but they can be enabled changing settings of app/web files. These logs are created into defaults location where NCache logs are saved. These logs contain information of client operations and also usage data of operations propagate through socket server to communicate with remote server.          
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