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Stop Cache on a Particular Server Node

A cache can be stopped on a particular server of a clustered cache as follows:
Using NCache Manager
  • From the Cache Explorer view, right click on the node on which you want to stop the cache.
  • Click on the Stop option in the right click context menu.
  • This stops the demoClusteredCache on the selected server node. Server node icon color turns to black if cache is stopped successfully.
You can stop a node gracefully using Graceful Stop option. The graceful stop option makes sure that all of the queued operations are performed before cache is stopped.
Using Command Line Tool
  • Open command prompt.
  • Go to the NCache tools directory: cd %NCHOME%/bin/tools
  • Use stopcache.exe, provide the required information:
stopcache.exe demoClusteredCache /s /p 8250
  • Press ENTER, it stops the demoClusteredCache on server node
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