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Uninstall NCache Java Client from UNIX

This section describes step-by-step instructions for uninstalling NCache Java Client from UNIX.
In order to uninstall NCache Java Client from your machine, you need to be logged in as root user or as an authorized user like “NCache Java Client”.
In order uninstall NCache Java Client from your UNIX machine, please follow these steps:
  • Open the terminal and navigate to the directory where you extracted NCache Java Client. Use the command:
[root@servername]# cd ~/NCache-enterprise-4.6-sp1-javaclient
  • In order to uninstall NCache Java Client, enter the following command:
       [root@servername]# ./uninstall -p /opt/NCache_install_dir
NCache Java Client is successfully uninstalled from your system. You see the following output:
Stopping Service ...
Removing Service ...
NCache Java Client uninstalled.
User ‘NCache’ created at install time is not deleted. Please use userdel command to remove the user.
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