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How to Use NCache Manager for Visual Studio

To utilize NCache Manager's features from within Visual Studio, you can simply access the NCache Explorer window in Visual Studio after the NCache Manager for Visual Studio extension has been installed successfully.
To view NCache Explorer, select VIEW > Other Windows > NCache Explorer from the Visual Studio’s menu bar.
Opening NCache Explorer
This will open the NCache Explorer tool window, which can be tabbed, docked or closed just like any common tool window of Visual Studio. Similarly, its state will be preserved even when Visual Studio is closed.
The window contains a toolbar which will have listed available operations and a tree-like hierarchical structure to show caches and related information. The toolbar’s operations are updated according to selected item in the tree. Moreover, operations can also be performed from the right-click menu of any item in the tree.
The root item NCache Explorer will have Clustered Caches and Local Caches as child items, each of them being a parent to the type of cache (Clustered/Local) added. Each item in the tree will have its icon updated according to its state.
A Clustered Cache item will further have Server Nodes and Client Nodes child items, whereas a child item of Local Cache will represent a server node hosting Local type of cache. 
The figure below displays the tree hierarchy containing a Clustered Cache named “myReplicatedCache” and a Local Cache named “myCache”.
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