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How to Apply Windows Patches on NCache Server?

Recommended way for applying windows patches on NCache Server is windows standard procedure.
Required steps are:
1. Stop the Cache
Stop the cache by right click on IP address of the node in NCache Manager under your cache cluster. If this node is part of multiple cache clusters then you need to stop this node/cache from all cache clusters. This will start state transfer process and data will be re-adjusted on other nodes available in the cluster.
2. Stop NCache Service
Stop NCache service on this server and also change the service startup type from “Automatic” to “Manual”, so that you can manually start NCache service after reboot.
3. Apply Patch
Apply required patches/updates. Complete all the maintenance tasks running on this machine and then reboot the servers. 
4. Restart NCache service
After successful completion of step 3 now restart NCache service and also change service start up type back to “Automatic” for normal usage.
5. Start the cache
Now start the cache manually from NCache manager if auto-start is not enabled. Refresh cache cluster from NCache manger to view this node as active node in the cluster. Furthermore, you can see data being transferred to this lately added cache node.
Perform same steps for other nodes in your environment. The main reason of starting NCache service manually is that some of the patches complete their operations after some time of system startup and it is a good practice to start NCache service manually once all the patches are fully applied and maintenance work is complete on your server.
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