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Archiver Profiles

Archiver keeps the copy of all BLOBs that are either in SharePoint content database or Externalizer to its storage device as a backup. Archived documents are not directly accessible to the  SharePoint users. Archiver does not use EBS or RBS providers for archiving the BLOBs and works independent of any provider. Each Archiver Profile must have a Storage Pool having one or multiple storage devices depending upon the storage requirement. Archiver Profile keeps the data for some specific period of time depending on the set rules. The data will automatically be deleted after the expiry time. User can also keeps the archiver data forever. Archived BLOBs are not cached.
On Archiver Profiles page, all your configured storage profiles will appear. From this page you can also create new profiles for archiver, edit the existing profiles, remove the already created profiles and also view the stats of a profile.
In this Section
Explains how to create a new Archiver Profile.  
Explains how to create a new storage pool and add storage devices in it.
Explains how to Archive the BLOBs from SharePoint content database and externalizer.
Explains how to see the stats of a profile.
Describes how to edit a Archiver Storage Profile settings once it has been added.
Explains how to remove Archiver Storage Profile when it is no longer needed.
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